About Tuitive

What began as a website design business in 1998 has evolved and simplified into a singular mission: design technology to be easier to use. As continual students of human behavior, we’re dedicated to making web-based products more user-friendly. Let us know how we can help you!

Our user interface design philosophy:

At the risk of sounding preachy, here are a few points that drive our approach to user interface design that you should know about:

  • User experience is inescapable. 

    Ignoring user experience issues in your application doesn’t mean you don’t have a user experience, it just means you’ve left it to chance, a mere artifact of the development process. Take control of it and make it a good experience.

  • Easy to love, hard to leave. 

    Your competitors’ applications are only one click, one sign-up, or one download away. Good user interface design promotes a positive user experience and engenders loyalty. That’s not just good for users, that’s good for business.

  • Life is complicated enough; software shouldn’t be.  

    Even if your user base is a captive audience of internal folks, shouldn’t they be able to complete their work with ease and dignity? Equipping your people with intuitive tools is the right thing to do.

  • Programming is hard work.  

    Developing a solid application takes an enormous amount of talent and energy. We think it’s unfair to expect a development team to also work through complex user interface design issues.

  • Get a better return on your technology investment. 

    The only thing more expensive than building an application is building an application that no one wants to use.

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